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branding  2021

For this project, I created a branding identity for an exhibition. The subject of the exhibition is Masha Ivanshistova - a photographer from Saint Petersburg whose work was recently discovered by her granddaughter and digitized from the film. In her work, she was heavily engaged in the Leningrad poetic and photography underground movement of the 1960−80s.


Masha photographed prolifically throughout most of her life, but she hid her photo films in the attic and rarely developed them feeling as if they were not professional enough compared to her male mentors. Through this exhibition, I wanted to give Masha’s work the spotlight it deserved.


The symbol of a logo is derived from the traditional Slavic emblem known as Kolovrot, which embodies the essence of life and its various cycles. The right-handed Kolovrot, characterized by its arms pointing to the right, symbolizes the sun's movement as observed from the northern hemisphere, thereby representing light and day. Conversely, left-turning Kolovrots are relatively less common and historically associated with darkness, night, and magic. 


Incorporating this emblem into the branding of the exhibition highlights the rebirth of Masha through her work. The poster combines the two symbolic meanings of the Kolovrot, capturing the interplay between light and darkness, life and memory in Masha's journey.

front_mashamockupbooklet 4.png




"Let's Honor your Lasting Memory" Initiative is meant to help people preserve their cherished moments from life. People are meant the story close to their heart on a card to preserve and honor it. These stories offer glimpses into different experiences, showing moments of personal growth, connections, and self-discovery.

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